A Black Friday Adventure

We left our Thanksgiving Dinner just after 6pm. We dropped of a plate of left overs to Josh's feverish brother-in-law. We packed. We left home just before 11pm. Josh pulled over at 12:30 because he was falling asleep, I took over the driving. We pulled into Target on Hall Street around 2:45am. The line of early morning shoppers had already turned a corner. We grabbed our hats, gloves, sweats, coats, and a sleeping bag and took our place among the shivering masses.

4 am. The bullhorn sounds. People cheer as they surge forward. We have one goal and one goal only. We have the map in hand, we have a plan. Josh speeds past a slow old lady who sneers at his eagerness. I'm following at a slightly less frantic pace. Then I see Josh has gone down the wrong isle. No! The target is one isle over, JOSH YOU'RE IN THE WRONG ISLE!!! I break left and see the victory on fellow shoppers' faces as they wheel their pre-loaded cart towards the checkout stands. Josh wanders into the isle, eyes a little bright and confusion written all over his face. There are no more carts. There are no more deals. All our planning and driving and waiting in line and staying up all night was for NOTHING?!! Wait... a lone cart. I see it. A man in front of the cart sees it. I put my hand on the cart, mere moments before the man puts his hand on the other side. "Is this yours?" he asks. I look around, surely this cart belongs to someone. Josh appears from behind the man, having heard his questions and seeing my hesitation, he claims the cart as mine, pushing it away from the man's hovering hand. VICTORY! Sweet, sweet victory.

Happy Black Friday everybody! It was a pretty awesome adventure... although I'm starting to regret my decision to support the madness because now this is all that's happening: RapStar, Madden Football, Call of Duty... *sigh*
Josh and Noah on the mic.

:) :) :)


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