A Birthday Present Session | Jenkins Estate, Portland, OR

When Amanda asked her husband what he wanted for his birthday, he answered, "Pictures of you". No, not THOSE kind of pictures either. He simply wanted some nice pictures of her, the mother of his children, to have, to look at, to show people, to say, "See here, this is my gorgeous wife". As many busy moms tend to do, Mandy had been diligent in capturing her children on camera but forgotten to include herself in those photos. I absolutely love that this is what her husband asked for, that he realized how important it is to have photographs of his lovely wife. Kudos to you sir, kudos. I hope you enjoy your birthday present:

I have to say, I love Amanda. She made my job so easy and it was just so enjoyable to shoot her! (Does that sound wrong? You know what I meant.) But mostly I love her because: a) she had taken modeling classes before and totally rocked it out for the camera, 2) she had her sister come along to the shoot to have her carry her bag and do touch ups, which was TOTALLY HELPFUL! And thirdly, when I asked her about what kind of editing she prefers, she told me, "I love what you do. And I'm a firm believer that when someone does something well, you should just let them do it. I trust you." Yes, Amanda, I really do love you. :) (When you choose a photographer, you should, you NEED to choose someone that you trust to do their thing!) Thank you for being awesome and having so much fun on the shoot. I very much hope to get to work with you again!


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