When you get a haircut:

Have you ever heard "The Haircut Song" by Ray Stevens? I grew up listening to the comedic songs by Mr. Stevens and if you've never heard any, go google it, he's hilarious. The reason I bring it up is because a couple weeks ago, I went and got a haircut at a salon in Silverdale. Bad move me. For the last few years, my good friend Megan has been doing my hair. She's a professional and so talented! She would come over to my house, we would hang out, eat, drink, and get pretty. Every time Megan does my hair, all I tell her is "keep as much length as possible and do whatever you want". And it always, ALWAYS, turns out perfect. PERFECT. I'm not even exaggerating. So even though I live in Washington and Megan lives in Oregon, I still choose to drive 3 hours and have her do my hair. Because she's THAT good. And I trust her. Completely. So WHY, WHY?!?!, did I go to a salon in Silverdale? Because my hair was a hot mess, I had a wedding in Cali coming up, and wouldn't have a chance to get to Megan in time. I should have just waited. I should have put up with ratty hair and just waited until I could go see Megan. But noooooooo, I just HAD to get my hair done. And really, it was in desperate need of a trim. Unfortunately, the random hair stylist that I went to, had a little more then a trim in mind and very different definition of what "long, and not short" hair is.

Epic fail.

This is what my hair looked like before. It was long and flowey and glorious and I had been growing it out for two years!

Now maybe you can understand why I've had this Ray Steven's song stuck in my head ever since that stranger chopped my hair...

Moral of the story? When you get a haircut, be sure to go back home!


  1. Never heard that song before, but what a hoot! I've had my share of very bad haircuts so I feel your pain. Hang in there, at least it will grow.... (and you're still pretty)

  2. If it makes you feel any better - we now have the same haircut. :(

    Can we fast forward 3 months? To new hair cut time? And can I stop letting my hair go wavy to hide the shelf look?

    - Meg


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