The Summers | Portland Family Portraits

One of the greatest compliments that I can receive as photographer is to have returning clients. When someone asks me to do another photoshoot, to continue to document their lives, they're telling me that I've done my job; they like what I do and they trust me to do it again. It's such an AMAZING feeling to know this! Plus, it allows our client/photographer relationship to become so much more then that, really, we become friends! And I love LOVE LOVE taking photos of my friends. :)

So Catherine and Dylan, thank you for the honor of once again, documenting an important part of your lives. First came love, then came marriage... now they have the baby in the baby carriage!

World, meet Jameson.

Photographed at McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland, OR.

Jameson, you're an adorable, sweet, handsome, lucky little dude! I look forward to seeing you grow up and become as awesome as your parents are.



  1. AWESOME stuff Bethany! Keep it up!!!

  2. bethany, those pictures were wonderful! we all loved them... thanks!


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