Magic in unexpected places:

Yesterday I went to the Silverdale post office to mail a CD of family photos out. Usually I mail from the Bremerton post office but I had other errends to run (photoshoot prop shopping!) and so it worked out to stop in Silverdale. Good call me.

I pulled into a parking spot and there it was. A little square of magic. Just five rows, maybe ten feet long. Bursting with colors. Taller then me. Gorgeous. Magical. Flowers. I grabbed my camera off the passenger seat and bee-lined for this little unexpected garden. As I lost myself in the rainbow of colors, I was overwhelmed with the cacophony of beautiful scents, filling me with the warmth of sunshine, fairies, summer blending with autumn, bees, magic, and imagination. It was so beautiful and magical and just what I needed.

Thank you Kitsap County Dahlia Society. Thank you for your little garden and for the love and care you so obviously put into your flowers.


  1. Dahlias are some of my favorite flowers! Lovely pictures (as always) and what a great moment for the end of summer!


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