Alexia & Liana | Bremerton Children Portraits

If ever I were to have a soft spot for a particular "kind" of child, it would be for little blonde girls. Mostly because they remind me of myself when I was little... or at least of the pictures of me from when I was little. Eh. You know what I mean! It never fails though, ever time I see bright blonde hair, huge innocent eyes, wicked little grins, I see myself, I see my childhood. And I can't help but instantly love that little girl because I loved my childhood and can only hope the same for all the little blonde girls I meet. So you can imagine my delight in photographing Alexia and her little sister Liana...

Alexia and Liana, you are both so beautiful and you're lucky to have each other, sisters are awesome! I wish for you all the magic and love that I knew in my childhood. But with parents like yours (Hi Jeff and Melanie!) I'm sure you won't lack for an amazing childhood. :)


  1. Thanks Bethany! Your so sweet! We love the pics by the way!


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