Happy Anniversary!

Today is my sister Mari's second wedding anniversary. If you've read any of my previous posts about Mari, you know how much I love and adore her, so I'm just warning you, this is another sappy post about how amazing my big sister is.

I found my maid-of-honor speech the other day, lost in the documents file on my computer, so I here it is, as it was meant to be said with strategically placed tears and meaningful glances. :) This is what I had been rehearsing long before Brian ever proposed...

"For as long as I can remember, I have always looked up to Mari. There’s a five year age difference between us, and when we were kids, that five years was a pretty noticeable difference. I was constantly annoying her, tagging along with her and her friends, borrowing her clothes, usually without asking, and imitating her in every possible way. I just wanted to be like her. Luckily, as we grew up, we became more than just sisters, we became best friends. Mari is truly the one person I go to for everything, she knows all my secrets, and I honestly would not be able to survive this life without her. A lot has changed since we were kids but I still look up to her and now I have one more thing that I hope I can do as well as she has, and that’s to find the perfect match like she has with Brian.

Poor Brian, didn’t know how to handle me at first. Mari and I have a million inside jokes, we finish each other’s sentences, we have our own style of communication and the first few times Brian hung out with us together, I think he was a little worried. But he eventually realized I was joking most of the time with my sarcastic sense of humor and he figured out that if he wanted to be with Mari, that he better be my friend too. And I thank him for that. I truly think of Brian as not just Mari’s husband but as my friend and that makes it so much easier for me to let Mari go. We would always joke about how Brian and I have shared custody of Mari, but I have to say, my wedding present to you Brian, is full custody. I only ask for visitation rights.

I am so incredibly happy for you Sis. I love you both so much and wish you all the best. And I can’t wait for my room to be done at your house!"

I know I didn't quite deliver my speech as it's written above, but that is what I had planned on saying, I think I did manage to get the main point across on their wedding day though. :) I hope.

Mari and Brian, I love you guys so much and am so proud of the life that you have made together. Thank you for being such an edifying example of marriage for me and thank you for continuing to be my best friend.


  1. Thanks for this sis!! We both love you so much!

  2. :) I have the best daughters in the world. Period.


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