Family Photo Sessions

My last few photoshoots have all been family photos with young children. And I'm not gonna lie, taking photos of little babies and easily distracted toddlers is... well... kinda hard. They rarely look directly into the camera, they don't hold poses for very long (if you can even get them to hold still at all) and heaven help you if they're in a bad mood and want NOTHING to do with you. Oy.

But ohmygoodness! When you get that eye-contact, when you get that little look of mischievous, when you're able to capture the twinkle in their eye... it's pure magic. It's imagination and innocence and love in the purest form. And it's another reason why I absolutely LOVE my job.

Here's one shot from each of the photoshoots that completely melted my heart. I find it slightly hilarious that they all have the same "get the lady with the camera out of my face" expression.



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