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Here's a fun little tidbit about me: I read blogs. A lot of blogs. Avidly. And it drives me CrAzY when the blogs are not updated on a regular basis. There's a few wedding and photography blogs that are updated EVERY SINGLE DAY (except weekends) and it's so nice that I can depend on them; like a news report, like my favorite TV show, like the sun rising, they are consistent! And then there are those blogs that I love but they only get updated every other blue moon... kinda like mine?

I KNOW! It drives me crazy that I can't blog consistently, although I do have to point out that I am much better now then when I first started this here thing. But I want to be even better! So here is my attempt to blog more; a blog about blogging and/or the lack thereof. (oh the irony.) Not very exciting, yah? I'll try harder, I promise. For now, take a look at this sweet photo that my Aunty Kim sent me of my momma (with her sister and parents)... when it first loaded on my computer screen, I totally thought it was me standing there in the top right corner.

Here's a photo of me, circa 2007ish, when my hair was a little darker...

Wow. I guess I wasn't adopted like my brother and sister said. LOOK AT THE RESEMBLANCE! Just another reason why photographs are important... :)


  1. Bethany you are so cute....I'm sorry, I'm one of those people who has not updated my blog. I try to do better. Sorry for driving you crazy.

  2. Wow. The resemblance is remarkable. Seriously. :D

  3. Your hair was super brown!I couldn't figure out if u were joking or if it was really u...:)


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