Of the importance of a Second Shooter:

I've only done two weddings where I didn't have a second shooter. One was my very first wedding ever, and the other was small enough that I didn't feel the need to have one... but both of those experiences made me very aware of the need for a second shooter. When I started booking quite a few weddings, I started to panic at the thought of doing it alone. How could I, one measly little wanna-be photographer, possibly get all the right shots, capture all the right moments?! Let me tell you people, it's not possible. Well, okay, maybe it IS possible, but you're more likely to capture ALL of the right moments with the help of another photographer. One of my best friends since middle school, Kelsey, had always been interested in photography and so I asked her if she might want to help me out with this little photography endeavor I was setting out on. Thankfully, she said yes and here we are, over a year of working together and I am so incredibly thankful for her! She told me in the beginning, "I don't ever want to do photography as my career, I don't think that it's my calling, but I like working with you and doing it as a hobby, so I'm glad I can help you." BONUS! I don't have to worry about her trying to take over my business but I know she always has my back. :-D Perfect. On a side note, to learn more about what is Kelsey's calling, check out Hopes Journey.

Kelsey, thank you for all your hard work over the past year. I know sometimes that you think you're not doing much, but trust me, just having you there to hold my camera bag, to help me swap a lens, to hand me a water, it is a HUGE help! Even more then that though, your support of me as a photographer has been invaluable. When I start to wonder if I'm getting the right shots, if I'm doing a good enough job, if I'm making everyone comfortable; you are there to tell me that it's going great, to remind me to get that one last shot, to tell me how people were complimenting my work. THANK YOU! And thank you for taking these awesome candid shots:

And that's why it is important to have a second shooter. Because really, 4 eyes are better then 2.

Here's a shot Kels got of me at Grant and Brianna's wedding. She always likes to sneak at least one shot of me in, to surprise me with it. Thanks love, but really, what is that face that I am making?!!


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