Grant + Brianna | SNEAK PEEK!

When I talked to Grant a few weeks before the wedding, he asked me, "So... you're just going to take charge right? Tell us how to pose and everything? Because we don't know what to do, so just direct us how you want!" Big. Smile. On. My. Face.

At the wedding, as I was posing them to my heart's content, Grant says, "I have to remember to hold my chin up. I read your blog, that's what you said right." I DIE. Yes Grant, that is what I said. And THANK YOU, for reading it and learning from it and striving to take the best possible photos on your wedding day. That comment seriously made all my blogging attempts totally worth it! :)

Here's a sneak peek at the beautiful Bri and Grant on their wedding day at Yellow Gold Farm in Albany, Oregon. I hope you two are having a fabulous honemoon in Jamaica! Ya mon.


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