Carrie + Dave | Gasworks Park | Seattle Engagement

Before we even got to the park, back when Carrie and I were exchanging e-mails to coordinate the session, she warned me that her fiance Dave is NOT a fan of having his photo taken. "Oh. No." I thought to myself as I imagined the half-hearted smiles, the uncomfortable side glances, the nervous laughter, and the overall awkwardness that accompanies people who don't like having their picture taken. I braced myself for our photo session like a dentist prepping to pull teeth, knowing it was going to be extremely painful... especially without the advantage of Novocain.

But then... THIS happened. Look at Dave, just LOOK.

Come on now, they could be models! No awkwardness here! Rawer.

Carrie, you are stunning.

I like to think that it's my natural charm that put Dave at ease in front of the camera... but I have a feeling it had more to do with his absolute adoration of his beautiful bride-to-be. And maybe having Josh there as my assistant, providing some guy talk, might have helped a little bit as well. :)

Carrie and Dave, you guys couldn't have been easier to photograph and all that worrying was for nothing. I'm so glad we got to do the engagement session, hopefully it will make your wedding day a little more enjoyable because you won't have to worry about your photos, you two obviously can't take a bad photo.


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