Can you hear my heart go *pitter*patter*?

Maybe it's the colors, maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's his hat and highlighter t-shirt, but there's just something about this shot that I absolutely adore... maybe it's him. Maybe.

(Mushy mushy, gooey gooey, yes I know.) My amazing better half so graciously assisted me on my engagement shoot on Sunday at Gasworks Park in Seattle, so I wouldn't have to drive over by myself and wouldn't have to carry my own camera bag. Yes, he's amazing.



  1. Its in so many ways amazing! The red/yellow/blue primary colors sets it off... and the hat... I love the hat... and that look in his eyes that says i've got a girl and she's all mine!... and he's your man... how could it NOT make your heart go pitty patter! It made ME go "awww" :)


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