Note to Wedding Officiants

Dear Minister, Priest, Rabbi, internet-ordained friend, Justice of the Peace, and any/all other officiant;

Please, PLEASE, please kindly step off to the side right after you say "You may kiss your bride". Whatever for, you ask? Well, let me tell you. As a photographer, I cringe and shake my head every single time I look at the kiss picture and see half of someone's head behind the kissing couple. In short, YOU ARE RUINING THE SHOT! Don't get me wrong, you are a very important part of the wedding ceremony and I appreciate you being there and doing what you do, but I just don't want you in my shot, especially since it usually ends up being on eyeball of you or just half your smile.

If you could please follow the example of this officiant that I came across on Shade Tree Films blog, I would GREATLY appreciate it. (Watch the entire video to see a gorgeous wedding and an amazing wedding video, or skip ahead to 3:52 to see what I am talking about. Lady, HIGH FIVE to you!) It's such a small thing that you can do but it can make a big difference. Yes, I can photoshop you out, and I have done that many times, like in the photos below, but really, I would much rather not have to do that. Okay? Okay.

Oh behalf of wedding photographers everywhere, I thank you.


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