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You might remember this adorable family from last year, when I took their family photos celebrating the adoption of Samson and Sydney. Well, the twins are two now and cuter than ever! I got to photograph them once more, this time with their nanny, Chelsey, who only had a few weeks left to work at the time of our shoot. This time around, I felt like I was trying to herd chickens because oh my, these two little kids have a TON of energy. I think the next time that I schedule a shoot that involves anyone younger then ten, I will make sure we're in a confined space... or I maybe I should just hit the gym more so I don't get so exhausted chasing kids around. Either way! :-)

I love this. One second before I clicked the shutter, those kids were hugging her. One nanosecond before I clicked the shutter, they were up and running in opposite directions. Ay-yi-yi!

This should probably be an add for nannying:

The parents: Darrin and Jean.

One beautiful, blissfully happy family.

Jean is now a hardworking stay-at-home mom and Chelsey has left to pursue other things. I'm pretty sure she won't be forgotten though and will always have a special place in the heart of this family.


  1. Everyone looks so amazing! Love these, love them. :D


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