If you were wondering where I get it from...

I have my dad, Bryan Joyce, to thank for my general interest in photography. He had a photo studio on First Street in Newberg, Oregon way back when.... before I was born to be exact. My siblings and I grew up with his camera in our face, being told "Chin up!", "Look this way!", "Turn to the right!", "Shoulders back!"..."NOW SMILE!"... we knew how to pose before we knew how to walk. My dad bought my first dslr, under the pretense that I was gonna pay him back. I don't think I ever got around to that, oooops. Sorry about that Dad. But I hope that when you see my work and see my success as a photographer, that you are proud. Maybe that can be payment for the camera? ;-D

Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks for all the encouragement you've given me in pursuing photography. I hope you have a fantastic fifty-second birthday... and I'll make a camera payment soon.

Dad and I, photographing my sister on her wedding day. <3


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