The Most Amazing Girl in the World

Please excuse me for a moment while I use my blog to full on BRAG about the 17-month-old genius that is my beautiful niece.

This girl... she is just so incredibly and amazingly smart. How smart? Well, she knows all of her colors, can say the words and identify which color is what and will often point out colors without even being prompted. When we were blowing bubbles, she pointed to the little wand and declared it (correctly) to be yellow. She colors and draws all the time, holding crayons and pens and pencils carefully in her tiny little hand. She also holds her spoon and fork correctly and can feed herself, as long as the food stays on the utensil. :) Her vocabulary includes words like: octopus, giraffe, and delicious and she knows her own name and will speak in the third person "Iris did it!" but it often sounds like she might be saying a bad word. haha She often speaks in sentences, "I got it!", uses descriptive words like big and little in the correct way and even told me a story the other day "Bird flying window crash head owie!" (Burd fffwi indoo cwassssh ead ohwie!) complete with exaggerated arm movements to describe the flying and the head injury. It was hilarious! She learns songs quickly and loves when you sing to her, adding in her sweet little voice at every chance she gets. What really just shocked me though, was when Mari and Brian were getting her ready for bed and they were practicing their numbers and Iris chimed in, at the correct time with the correct number. And then she did the same things when they sang the "ABC" song! She especially loved calling out "and ZEEEE" at the end of the song. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. GENIUS.

Playing with her cups. Such a ham! 

Out for a walk with her favorite "Auhntee!" 

This girl. Probably the most photogenic kid ever. 

"March!" She walks, runs, and marches, depending on the song. :)

Using her sign language to ask for "more please". She still uses sign language, even though she uses her words too.

I know no kids is actually perfect, but come on, she pretty much is. Her eyes just kill me. 

After bath crazy hair. 

Practicing her numbers and letters with Daddy and Mommy before bed. 

I could post about a million more ridiculously adorable photos that I took the other day and recount another five-hundred hilarious stories about her... but I'll let this be all for now. :)


  1. Thanks for posting - because, let's be honest, the "Auntie brag" is probably more socially acceptable than the "parent brag!" :)


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