Summer Storm

Last night when I was home alone, the wind picked up as dark clouds marched overhead. Soon the rain was pouring down and the dark sky turned to day with lighting. As the roar of the thunder echoed off the walls, I rushed downstairs and threw open the door. Stepping out on to the front deck, I felt the warm rain against my parched skin, my hair blew across my face, tossed carelessly by the wind; I closed my eyes and smiled. Sweet summer storm, bringing rest to my weary soul. I stood there on the porch, watching the cars pass by but not really seeing them because I was busy feeling; feeling the rain quenching, feeling the wind cleansing, feeling the lightning strike and feeling the thunder roll. Feeling the earth below me and feeling Heaven above me. Feeling God inside me. Feeling so perfectly happy and settled and at peace that I soon realized that the wetness rolling down my cheeks was not from the rain but from tears. Tears of relief, tears of happiness, tears of thankfulness, tears of unspeakable joy. This moment I cannot remember with a picture for no camera could every capture the feelings of my heart, but I will remember only with these humble words and the memory that is etched forever in my heart. 


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